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New Blog, Who this?

Alright everyone viewing this, how's it going?

Just wanted to do some housekeeping and also updates regarding what's been going on with me and the world of music photography.

Firstly, that feels weird to say, that things have been happening in music, after 18+ months of radio silence, the show has resumed. Well, that's a lie things have been happening since around May, some that I have talked about, and others I can't just yet (embargo's and NDA's, you know the drill).

So, you're probably asking, what has been going on?

Basically, now that events have returned I wanted to launch this blog whilst things are still getting back up and running. I want to use this part of my website to break down different aspects of being a music photographer, as I learn more I want to take you on this journey.

The aim is to be show my thoughts and considerations into how I capture images, what I learn from different shoots and overall be able to discuss my work in more detail rather than an instagram post.

I'm also aiming to grow this to the point where I can apply for media/photo passes for larger concerts/events so that I can develop my portfolio to not be so Lincolnshire focussed, so any press/management... hire me?

This section of my site has been titled:

'Sam Shoots Shows'

Need I explain the name?

But yeah, the aim is to update this as and when I have new work to show everyone, and hopefully start a dialogue with others who are into music photography/videography.

I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Sam :')

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