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Smoove & Turrell at Docks Academy

Not too long ago, I was asked to cover a workshop event for Lincolnshire theatre group 'Lowercase'. This event was an introduction into what they were about and what their plans were and some of the stills can be found in my portfolio (go check them out).

This event was held at Docks Academy, a fantastic space that hosts performances and events and is owned by Grimsby’s craft brewery, Docks Beers.

Anyway's, after this event, I was contacted by the venue's manager asking if I was interested in covering some events for them, after she had seen my images for the previously described event.

Can you guess what I said?

I was sent the brief for both the Friday, and the Saturday events, with the former being a gig, and the latter being a comedy night.

Firstly, Friday's gig...

I shot with the Sony A7Rii, Sony 85mm F/1.4, Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 and Samyang 14mm F/2.8.

The opening act was Vandebilt.

As I was shooting on behalf of the venue, I wanted to showcase the building as much as the band. These crowd shots are an example of doing both.

Typically when shooting for a venue, you want to make the room look big, regardless of the size of it, I typically like to get wide shots of the stage with the crowd in frame, but the focus being on the band. The same thing applies for if you are shooting for the band, regardless of how many people are in the audience, wether its 10, 100 or 1000+, you want to give the impression that the band is in demand.

No one wants images of an empty looking venue ;)

He's drinking Dock's Overtime lager, highly recommend!

Haze creates depth, that's a general rule of thumb in visual art.

The headline was Smoove & Turrell.

Nothing to say, I just really liked how the light looked in this one and his posing

I used to use black and white in most of my images, however as time went on I began to rely on it to make my images work when venue's didn't have nice lighting.

However, sometimes I get to editing my images and when I see them I know immediately they would suit the monochrome look.

I got noticed...
Shout out to the lighting technician, you make my job easier and more enjoyable

Don't know who these are, but they had a good night.

If you have any questions, my socials and contact can be found on my website, look forward to talking!

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